Exciting experiences in Elima cottage will make your trip memorable.


Seek the most beautiful and intact places of Izeh City with us; an evocative journey to the heart of nature and civilization of Zagros.

Accommodation and facilities

Elima cottage includes eight rooms with a capacity of forty people and has been refurbished in accordance with the local architecture.

Elima tours

Discover the wonders of nature and the grandeur of history and civilization in the region with Elima.


Elima at a glance

Elima eco-tourism resort, a garden house with traditional architecture in an area of 2200 square meters including 8 rooms is located in the village of Takab at a distance of 7 km, east of Izeh city next to the Bondon pond. Elima cottage is managed domestically by Mr. Nasir Mousavi and his family. It has adhered to cultural and environmental principles and in order to reach sustainable development of rural tourism, it provides accommodations, catering and tourism services. Part of Elima's income is spended on various aspects of sustainable tourism in the region. Elima believes that with the help of tourism authorities, it can preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Izeh city.

The most common questions

To view and visit the paradise of Izeh city, you have to pass about 350 km from Isfahan province through the route of Boroujen, Lordegan, Dehdez and ultimately Izeh; about 780 km route from Tehran- Isfahan route, and about 180 km from Ahwaz.

Izeh has the coolest climate in the Khuzestan province, the cause of which can be locating of the city in a vast plain at the skirt of the Zagros Mountains, falling snow in some parts of the highlands overlooking the city and also the existence of the largest forest cover in Khuzestan province (180,000 hectares) in the region. The average temperature in Anzan is 24 °C in spring and 18 °C in autumn and winter.

The best time to travel to Elima cottage is from the second half of December to mid-April.

If you long for spring air and enjoy the green nature of Zagros, Elima looks forward to meeting you in Heaven of Khuzestan

You can contact with Elima cottage managers, book rooms and other services.

Hamid Zarei 09136412202

You can also send your request to the email address

The cost of an overnight stay with breakfast, lunch and dinner per person in every day of the year except during the New Year is Rs. 95,000.

The cost of an overnight stay with breakfast per person is Rs. 65,000.

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