Accommodation and facilities

A pleasant travel experience

Our facilities in Elima cottage

We have tried to provide appropriate facilities for the comfort and well-being of you.

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Native Kitchen

Elima's food are cooked by rural women in fully native and sanitation. We also suggest you try the local food.

Native rooms

Elima's rooms are built using local architecture, with thatched walls and ceilings made of wood. While sanitation Elima's rooms are reminded the old house and the distant past.

Other facilities

Other features to enjoy greater time and rest include bedding and recreation, catering, herbal tea and pantry, black tent, carriage, ball, football and volleyball nets, bicycles, Bird Watching accessories and so on.

Experience the local flavors...

Experience new tastes of local dishes in our kitchen. Foods are Iranian and Bakhtiari local cuisines.

Rural thatched rooms

We have eight rooms suitable for you. In different capacities and a total of 40 people

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Other facilities...

Another facilities are for you to enjoy more time with us.