Activities in Elima

با محبوبترین تجربه ها از نگاه بازدیدکنندگان ما آشنا شوید

One of the most exciting and beautiful programs in ecotourism and adventuring is riding bike in natural areas that is done by certain named bicycle Mountain Bike on mountain roads, desert, or off-road.

Water recreation

Lake of Karun 3 dam and martyr Abbas Pour dam is the perfect place for dramatic recreation in the water, which can be included rafting, scuba diving, cliff diving from the cliff, Rafting, Parcel

Tracking usually refers to walk in different paths. Hiking in nature and mountain climbing in the pristine highlands can be very enjoyable and refreshing. In the region of Izeh and around there are varied and diverse routes for tracking.

In the city of izeh you can enjoy and take picture of the historical monuments, eye-catching nature, Nomads and rural life.

Carriage rides

Elima cottage has prepared routes for carriage rides which you can enjoy this activity more by running through green fields and in the wetland margins of Bondoon pond.

Bird watching is a hobby that pays attention to observe birds in nature. Bondoon pond near the Elima residence and Miyangaran pond are perfect places for this attractive activity.

Team sports

Elima has provided possibility to play team sports such as football and volleyball in the verdant nature (next to the pond of Bondoon) in a bracing air.


Camping can be found in the depths of a forest and along a creek or river. You can wake up hearing the birds singing, watch sunrise, go fishing early in the morning, march in the heart of nature, read more books in the quiet, watch sunset, sit around the fire, watch the illuminated stars and then go to bed and sleep with physically tired body.

دیگران چه فکر می‌کنند؟

بخشی از یادگاری‌هایی که بازدیدکنندگان برای ما نوشته اند

درباره فعالیت‌ها

با فعالیت‌های ما بیشتر آشنا شوید

الیما فعالیت های قابل اجرا در منطقه را به میهمان های عزیز پیشنهاد می دهد. هرکدام از این فعالیت ها با توجه به میزان علاقه و توان جسمی شما قابل اجراست، سعی ما بر این است که در کنار لذت بردن از طبیعت زیبا فعالیت های متنوعی را تجربه کنید.