A Paradise in South-west of IRAN


Petroglyphs and stone monuments

Izeh with its stone reliefs is a paradise for archaeologists and historians friends who follow the rocks and mountains to see message of Iran ancestors. Izeh the ancient city has many reliefs, inscriptions, crypts in its place from the Paleolithic era to the present time.

Intact nature

Izeh city can be called the green and beautiful jewel of Zagros, because of its soaring mountains of Zagros and Karoon Roaring River.

Reliefs belonging to the Elamite period

Waterfalls, fountains and rice fields

Beautiful Oak Forest


طبیعت چشمگیر مشرف به دریاچه سد کارون 1

آبشار دیدنی درقلب طبیعت زاگرس

جنگه و فالح

روستاهایی دیدنی و دست نیافتنی

اقامتگاه الیما در دشت تالاب بوندون

Map of Izeh

Stone Lion Cemetery

نیایشگاه نارسینا، صد ها نگارکند و سنگ نگاره

مناظر بدیع و منحصر بفرد

Shahid Abbaspour Dam